Creating an online Community of Practice for knowledge sharing

Getting started

Create a purpose. The purpose of this Community of Practice is to build a sense of community by supporting a skills uplift training program in data analytics. The Community of Practices features internal case studies about data driven decision making in agile development teams. We work in a matrix organization where product management professionals are allocated to various roles within business areas. In this set-up, internal knowledge sharing is extremely important and I have the opportunity to facilitate this as a leader. The aim is to inspire and build awareness about how data is utilized across the organization. This builds momentum around applying knowledge from the training programs into daily work.

What worked well

Choose a recurring theme. People’s calendars are booked with conflicting invitations of equal importance. Using recurring themes will help the audience know what type of content to expect in each session and how this benefits their work. As a result people are more likely to reserve the time in their calendars to attend. Have a short name that is easy to understand and remember.

What we learned

We do not create content ourselves but instead take the role of content curators. We take responsibility to provide the best quality presentations for the target audience. We select the presenters and advise them on how to develop the storyline for the audience. Here are a few tips we learned about working with presenters:


Creating an online Community of Practice such as this during the coronavirus epidemic was well received. It was a joy to host so many audience members. This initiative contributed to improving the employee satisfaction survey results on how we contribute, grow and enjoy as a team. I learned a lot about online facilitation, storytelling, community building and how data is utilized internally with agile development teams. Please share with me your experiences about hosting an online Community of Practice!



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Cara Lundqvist

Cara Lundqvist


American expat in Finland. Leader in the digital banking industry, previously in the gaming and startup scenes. Continuous learning is my core value.